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SLL Opening Day

Opening Day - Saturday, April 29th

ALL Opening Day Ceremony and Games will be moved to Saturday, April 29, 2017.

 The schedule for the SLL Opening Day Ceremony begins at 11 am on Field #1, plan to arrive 30 minutes in advance.  

The online schedule of games will be updated this evening to reflect the changes on the Suffield Little League website.  

Remember, All times for the opening ceremony and games will remain the same, but be moved to next Saturday, April 29, 2017. 

We apologize for the change and appreciate your understanding.  Safety for our players is our number one goal, and we want to be sure the fields are ready before we proceed. 

SLL Board of Directors


Pictures have been rescheduled to Saturday April 29, 2017 - Opening Day

7:20  am          (AA) Athletics                                    (AA) Cubs

7:40  am          (AA) Indians                                       (AA) Twins

9:30am            (Inst) Braves                                       (Inst) Cardinals

10:00am          (MJ) Mariners                                      (MJ) Orioles


10:30am          (SB Farm)          (FM) Twins              (Juniors)



10:45am - 12:00pm Opening Ceremony


12:00pm          (SB AAA) Baril                                  (SB AAA) Jamrog

12:00pm          (AAA) Dodgers

12:15pm          (FM) Athletics      (FM) Blue Jays       (AAA) Orioles

12:30pm          (Inst) Cubs                                          (Inst) Marlins

1:30 pm           (MJ) Giants                                         (MJ) Rays

1:45 pm           (AAA) Cubs                                                  

2:00 pm           (FM) Cubs                                           (FM) Dodgers

2:15 pm           (Inst) Reds                                          (Inst) Tigers

2:30 pm           (SB FM) Shanks                                 (SB FM) Holmes


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